Transplant Charge Nurse Lynne Beveridge

Senior Charge Nurse Lynne Beveridge leads the nursing team in the Transplant Unit, caring for patients undergoing liver, pancreas or kidney transplant and live donors.
Why did you choose transplant as a speciality? 
I was given the opportunity to transfer when I gained promotion to the Transplant High Dependency Unit and then the opportunity arose for me to manage the Transplant Ward – Transplant nursing is a challenging, motivational area of nursing and I thrive with the opportunity to work with both recipients and live donors of transplant organs.
Describe your role  
Senior Charge Nurse in ward 206 Transplant – managing and improving patient and staff experience at all times. Leading an exceptional group of dedicated staff to enable a high standard of patient care
What have been the most significant advances in transplantation in your view?  
The clinical operation and the techniques that have developed to allow shorter recovery time. The ongoing motivation to expand the knowledge around Organ Donation and Transplantation.
What are the biggest challenges in your job?  
At times the number of beds I have available within the clinical area and assuring that the most appropriate patients are allocated to the correct bed spaces; reducing risk to patients at all times.
What is the most rewarding part of your role?   
To watch and observe the difference in quality of life that a transplant can make to a persons life. To observe patients embracing the gift they have received and thinking positively about their future following transplantation.
What advice would you give anyone considering donating a kidney?  
This is a precious gift that anyone could offer to another person and I respect all live donors. Thank you.

Last Reviewed: 11/01/2016