A Father's Story

LEAP (Lothians and Edinburgh Abstinence Programme) saved three lives when they took my son into care, they saved my son’s life who had already been on the edge of death twice, due to drug overdoses.

They also saved my wife’s life, and my own.

During my sons drug use we were both under unbearable strain trying to cope with the situation, the stress, anxiety and lack of sleep were slowly draining the life from us both. Which if things had continued, I am sure we would both have had serious health issues which would have led to premature death.

My son has been free of drugs for almost four years now and has started a university degree which is going well. He has been given another chance to live a new life with the tools that LEAP have given him, with a network of support and friends that he never had prior to LEAP.

My son, my wife and I will be eternally grateful to everyone associated with LEAP and we all thank the Lord for their existence, and hope and pray that they receive the support and funding to continue this fantastic work at Malta House.

Thanks to everyone involved with LEAP.

Last Reviewed: 26/11/2012