What say do I have in the care I receive?

There are different ways of being looked after during pregnancy, and you will have an active say in how both you and your baby are cared for.

Most women in Lothian are looked after by a midwife in their local community. Midwives provide expert clinical care during pregnancy, in childbirth and following the birth. Your midwife will be part of a team, and you may be seen by other midwives from that team during and after your pregnancy.

You may want your GP (family doctor) to be involved in your pregnancy care, and all GP practices in Lothian will give you this option.

In addition you should still see your GP or hospital specialist during pregnancy for other medical or mental health conditions.

Your may see other health professionals too, such as a physiotherapist, and your midwife may also refer you to a consultant obstetrician or other hospital consultants for specialist advice and care.

Whatever your choice, all professionals involved in your care will work in partnership with you and each other.

What tests will I have?

Your midwife will offer you some tests and screening checks as part of your routine care. These tests are to protect you and your baby’s health. Your midwife will discuss these further with you.

Last Reviewed: 20/10/2011