Health Visitor Pathway Resources

The early years have an impact upon the future health and wellbeing of infants and children. Health professionals, in particular Health Visitors, play a vital role in supporting children and families in the early years up to the age of five by ensuring that families' needs are appropriately assessed and responded to in a person centred and supportive way.
The Universal Health Visiting Pathway has therefore been refreshed as part of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and national GIRFEC approach to provide appropriate, consistent and person centred support for children and families.
To support this, relevant information is provided to parents throughout the pathway and some of these are available at the following links:
Pre-birth Alternative formats​
Bump to breastfeeding DVD
How to stop smoking and stay stopped
Off to a Good Start
Ready Steady Baby
Arabic Polish Russian Traditional Chinese Urdu
Young Parents Survival Guide
Pregnant? Flu. I'm ready for you
Easy read Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu
Vitamin D and you Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu
​The NHS minor ailment service at your local pharmacy
Whooping cough vaccine

Building A Happy Baby
Caring for your Baby at Night
Breastfeeding in Scotland Act (2005)
Reduce the risk of cot death
​Post-birth (11-14 days)                              Alternative formats
Breastfeeding and returning to work
Baby, I love you
Steps to deal with stress
Meningitis baby watch postcard
Reduce the risk of cot death
Caring for your baby at night
A guide to childhood immunisation up to 5 years
Arabic Bengali Easy Read Lithuanian Pashto Polish Romanian Traditional Chinese Urdu
BCG and your baby: protecting babies against TB
Easy Read Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu
The NHS minor ailment service at your local pharmacy
​Help your baby play and move everyday
Handle with care
Longer lasting contraception
Keeping your child safe at home
Formula feeding: how to feed your baby safely
Post-birth (3-5 weeks) Alternative formats
Formula feeding: how to feed your baby safely Polish
Protect your baby's natural headshape
Tips for new parents
Talking about postnatal depression
​Post-birth (6-8 weeks) Alternative formats​
​Drinks for babies and young children Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu
What to expect after immunisation up to 5 years
Arabic Easy Read Hungarian Lithuanian Pashto Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu

​Post-birth (3 months) Alternative formats​
Fun First Foods: an easy guide to introducing solid foods Arabic Polish Portuguese Russian Traditional Chinese Urdu
Snack ideas for children
Polish Romanian Slovakian Traditional Chinese Urdu

Post-birth (8 months)       
Alternative formats
Make it Safe

​Post-birth (13-15 months) ​Alternative formats
Ready Steady Toddler Polish Traditional Chinese
Help your child move and play everyday
​Positive parenting
Childsmile Practice: help to look after your child's teeth
​Post-birth (27-30 months) ​Alternative formats
Healthy happy kids: Simple steps for a healthy weight at home Polish
Positive parenting
Head lice: Information for parents Polish
​Post-birth (2 years) Alternative formats​
Fluoride varnish for children                                    Easy Read Polish Traditional Chinese Urdu

​Post-birth (4-5 years) ​Alternative formats
Help your child move and play everyday

If you require further support or information (including information in an alternative format) please speak to your Health Visitor.

Last Reviewed: 11/08/2017