Support To Quit

We know that more than 70% of people who smoke want to stop so why not let us help you.

Ways to give up

There are several different ways to help you stop, so you can find the one that best suits your lifestyle.


Group or individual support sessions plus nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can mean you are four times more likely to stop for good compared to trying on your own. There are specialist stop smoking support advisors throughout Lothian who can offer support and advice tailored to you. We also have specialist services for young people, pregnancy and in hospitals. Please see here for more details.

Pharmacy Scheme

Pharmacies across Lothian offer up to 12-weeks of one-to-one support. These personal sessions double your chances of success – see the pharmacy scheme section on this website to find one near you.

Shared Care

For people who attend the pharmacy scheme but would also like support from the stop smoking service, you are welcome to attend your local stop smoking session. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet other people who are trying to stop smoking and can be accessed for as long as you like.


Our self-help guide, Your Path to a Smokefree Life is a very useful aid to help you succeed in stopping smoking.

NHS Scotland

Also provides helpful information and practical advice about stopping. To find out more visit


Smokeline is Scotland’s confidential free stop smoking hotline which is available 9am-9pm seven days a week on 0800 84 84 84. Their trained advisors can give you advice and support on stopping smoking. They can also tell you about services available in your local area.

Last Reviewed: 29/04/2014