Leaving Hospital

You may already have an ‘expected date of discharge’ from the pre-admission clinic. If not, you should receive one within 24 hours of admission. We’ll involve you and your carer (where appropriate) in the discussions and plans for your discharge, taking into account any care needs you may have once you leave hospital. This important date, and the plans, will be reviewed daily. A letter will also be sent to your GP. Before leaving hospital, please remember to:

  • Take all your belongings
  • Arrange for someone to collect you. If necessary, a member of your care team will arrange transport to take you home
  • Return any library books to the trolley or nurse in charge

Moving on from hospital

If you are unable to return home after your hospital treatment is completed, you may have to consider alternatives such as a care home. This is a major change in anyone’s life and we offer help and support throughout the process. Download the Moving On guidance document or ask for a copy from staff on our wards.

Last Reviewed: 05/05/2016