Royal Victoria Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers concerning the transfer of patients being cared for by the In-Patient Continuing Care (IPCC) at Corstorphine Hospital to the original Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) on Craigleith Road or alternative care setting.

1.  What parking will be available for visitors and staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital?

There is a lot of parking at the RVH site although it is currently not monitored or controlled.  Work is currently underway to improve the car parking arrangements on the site including ensuring the road markings and surfaces are appropriate and the employment of  parking attendants (similar to those at the Western General) to minimise the misuse of parking spaces at the site and ensure that those entitled to park can access the spaces.  It has not yet been decided whether a permit system will be set up, similar to that in use at the Western General Hospital.

2.  How will catering be provided to patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital?

Catering will be provided via the existing kitchens at the Western General Hospital.  The kitchens at RVH will not be reopened.  A café will be opened on the site for snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks etc. This will provide a meeting place for staff, patients and visitors.  This facility is not yet open but NHS Lothian is committed to getting this open as soon as is feasible.

3.  What staff catering facilities will be available at the Royal Victoria Hospital?

Vending machines are currently provided in the staff canteen.  The café mentioned above will be fully operational as soon as is feasible.  Discussions are ongoing about further catering provision on-site.

4.  What staff changing facilities will be available at the Royal Victoria Hospital?

Comfortable and up-to-date changing facilities have been provided for staff.  

5.  How will security for staff, patients and visitors be ensured at the Royal Victoria Hospital?

The site is monitored 24 hours a day by NHS Lothian security to ensure that it is safe for staff, patients and visitors.   Extra CCTV cameras have  been installed and the outside lighting across the site has been reviewed.

6.  What will happen to Ward 3, the delayed discharge ward at Corstorphine Hospital?

When the IPCC service transfers from Corstorphine to RVH, any patients remaining in the delayed discharge ward (Ward 3) and any delayed discharge patients in the other 2 wards will also be transferred to the RVH site (or to suitable alternative facilities).  Health and social care staff are working closely with the patients’ families to facilitate the patients’ discharge directly from Corstorphine Hospital as soon as possible.

7.  Will Corstorphine Hosptial be used for anything else after the transfer?

We are currently reviewing the options for the future use of Corstorphine Hospital. Murray Park, the inpatient service for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs, will continue to operate from the existing, separate building on the site.


Date: 30 July 2014

Last Reviewed: 30/07/2014