Pre-admission visit

Pre-admission visits are planned, co-ordinated and run by the health play specialists. Invitations are sent out to children, aged ten and below, and their parents/carers to attend a pre-admission visit a week prior to their surgery. Children aged ten and over are given the opportunity for a pre-admission visit on a one to one basis.

Pre-admission visits are held in the playroom or in another non-threatening environment.

The pre-admission visit, co-ordinated by the health play specialist consists of

  • A tour of the ward area
  • A slide show explaining the procedures during their stay in hospital. This is demonstrated visually by way of
  • a puppet with the play specialist expanding on the slides verbally.
  • Refreshments for the children
  • The opportunity to play with real and toy hospital equipment
  • A trained member of the ward nursing staff is on hand to answer any questions. The families then have the
  • opportunity to visit the operating department. This includes
    • A visit to Patient Theatre Reception
    • A visit to the anaesthetic room, where some of the equipment is demonstrated
    • A visit to the recovery area where equipment is demonstrated
    • Meet operating department staff if available
    • Answer any questions asked by families

Families, who are unable to attend the visit, perhaps due to distance, may receive a phone call from the health play specialist who will answer any queries that they may have. In addition the children who are unable to attend will be visited in the ward prior to surgery. These children are prepared for surgery by way of a photograph album, familiarisation with medical equipment and any questions that they may have are answered.

Pre-admission visits can also be arranged for children or young people who are due to come into the hospital to different wards/areas for other procedures such has having bloods taken, MRI scans, CT scans, investigative tests etc.

Please contact:

Ishbel Proctor
Play Services Co-ordinator
Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Sciennes Road
T: 0131 536 0345

Last Reviewed: 27/07/2015