What do Play Specialists do?

  • work alongside other members of the multidisciplinary team
  • use play as a tool to implement coping techniques and relaxation
  • help children adapt to the new situation
  • reduce stress and anxiety in children by providing an outlet for feelings of anger or frustration
  • use play to prepare children for surgery and procedures
  • use play as a distraction for painful/unpleasant procedures
  • help families become involved in their child’s care and play
  • make hospital a child-friendly environment
  • make the hospital look more attractive and welcoming by displaying the children’s artwork in patient areas
  • raise awareness of the importance of play with students and trained staff
  • arrange pre-admission visits for children and young people 
  • provide special, educational/fun sibling days
  • encourage continuation of education while in hospital
  • provide post procedural play  
  • document all interventions in children’s notes

Last Reviewed: 23/07/2015