Young People's Advisory Group

Are you aged between 12 and 18 years?

Do you have some great ideas about how to improve hospital services for children and young adults and would like to express them?

Have you been a patient of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children, or perhaps your brother or sister has?

Would you like to meet new people and get amazing experience?

We’ve got something for you!

The Young People’s Advisory Group

By becoming a member of the Group, you can make a positive difference to your community and improve the way health services are delivered to children and young adults.

The Young People’s Advisory Group provides a forum for young people to share their ideas, hopes and aspirations for the current Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh and the new hospital for children and young people which is due to open in 2017.

Interested? Please email for more information.


Last Reviewed: 27/07/2012