Roles and Responsibilities

Time Commitment

Each member will be invited to attend up to 6 meetings a year, the timing of which will vary depending on the issues to be discussed and demands of the planning process for the new hospital.

It is anticipated that the group will continue after the new hospital is complete and that its members will continue to advise and contribute to the health care provision of young people and future developments.


  • To remain focused on the aim of the group and take ownership of the group’s objectives and direction
  • Provide recommendations encompassing the many different needs of young people in relation to current services and to the planning and delivery of the new hospital
  • To advise and work in partnership with the current hospital management team and the new hospital project group.

Key Tasks

  • To put forward new ideas for the current hospital and for the design of the new hospital, which represent the views of young people, their siblings and families from all backgrounds
  • To help promote the community engagement process by communicating widely with young people through participation in planned events, liaison with other youth groups, schools and community projects
  • Keep up to date on NHS activities relevant to health care provision for young people
  • To work as part of a team with other group members.

Membership Ground Rules

  • turn up on time and let us know if you can’t attend a meeting
  • respect and listen to the views of other members, feel free to debate but not to dismiss or criticise
  • be sensitive to other members’ beliefs and values
  • do NOT talk over people
  • involve everyone - each person’s views and opinions are important
  • be helpful towards each other
  • maintain confidentiality within the group
  • if you don’t hear from someone for a while-contact them
  • laugh at unfunny jokes
  • don’t laugh at people, laugh with people
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • keep focused – don’t digress
  • HAVE FUN!!!

If you are interested in joining or any have questions about the Young People Advisory Group please email your contact details to


Last Reviewed: 18/04/2012