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This page contains quirky and interesting facts all about the Royal Edinburgh Hospital over the last 200 years.
Please read on to find out more about the Bicentenary...

Did You Know?....

19th century

  • The first patient was admitted to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital on 19 July, 1813.
  • The Edinburgh Lunatic Asylum opened in 1813, the original building being known as East House.
  • West House, designed by William Burn, opened its doors to accommodate pauper patients in 1842.
  • A printing press was installed and the hospital magazine The Morningside Mirror was born in 1845.
  • Occupations of patients included gardening, pig farming, poultry keeping, carpentry, tailoring, and sewing.

20th century

  • 1922: The Asylum was renamed the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders.
  • 1965: The Andrew Duncan Clinic opened.
  • 1968: The Young People's Clinic opened.
  • 1972: Craig House became known as the Thomas Clouston Clinic.
  • 1982: The Jardine Clinic opened.

21st century

  • 2013: The Royal Edinburgh Hospital celebrates its Bicentenary.

Last Reviewed: 13/03/2013