Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are most of the beds single room beds and will this not add to social isolation?
A: It is a Scottish Government requirement that all new hospitals provide single room accommodation. Importantly, the provision of single room accommodation will allow a more desirable environment, offering privacy and dignity for all patients. There will also be social areas where people will be encouraged to meet, socialise and do activities together during the day.

Q: Why is the hospital being built under PFI?
A: The decision to test the procurement of the hospital as a PFI was taken in 1998 according to the regulations in place at that time. The full business case will set out the value for money case for doing so. When the new administration took office they decided that schemes as advanced as this should be concluded.

Q: Would it not be better to have chosen a different site?

A: After much public consultation at the time, this site was the only available, suitable site.

Q: What will be the cost of parking at the hospital?

A: We can advise that car parking at the hospital will be free. There are to be 112 parking spaces which will include 20 disabled parking bays.

Last Reviewed: 27/04/2012