Travel Clinic

Important Information

If you are travelling abroad please allow 4-6 weeks prior to your journey to contact the practice requiring advice about immunisations. You can download, complete and return the Travel Advice Request form to the practice. You should then allow approx. 3-5 days before telephoning the Practice for advice on 0131 552 3369 between Monday and Friday.

For general travel health information on your destination(s), you may find it helpful to visit
If you are due to travel within the next six weeks you should contact a Travel Clinic (see below) as the Practice is unable to provide this service due to the short time available.



Ten Tips for Healthy Travel – The A to Z of Healthy Travel –

Before Trip

  1. Seek advice from a healthcare professional, ideally 6-8 weeks before travel.
  2. Ask about vaccines that may be recommended for your destination (s).
  3. First aid kit should be carried in the hold; prescription medicine required during travel e.g. insulin, inhalers - carry in hand luggage.
  4. Ensure travel insurance covers health emergencies and repatriation. 

During Trip

  1. Take precautions if at risk of malaria; be aware, avoid mosquito bites, take malaria tablets correctly if advised and report any fever.
  2. Road safety is important - use the seat belt in cars, wear a helmet on bikes/scooters and avoid driving at night.
  3. Avoid casual sex or practice safe sex with good quality condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Verify and consume only safe food and water where possible. Keep hands clean; carry/use sanitising gel when soap and water are not available.
  5. Excessive sun exposure is damaging; limit exposure, seek shade, cover up, wear good sunglasses, use sunscreen at least SPF15.
  6. Leave animals alone; bites, scratches or licks on broken skin can transmit rabies infection. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if bitten or scratched.


Travel Clinics

The Specialist Travel Clinic – yellow fever centre
Ward 41, Regional Infectious Disease Unit
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road South
Edinburgh, EH4 2XU
TEL: 0131 537 2823

The Edinburgh Travel Health Clinic
Newington Surgery
14 East Preston Street
TEL: 0131 667 1030

Marchmont Surgery – yellow fever centre
10 Warrender Park Terrace
H9 1JA
TEL: 0131 229 6314

MASTA Travel (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad)
5 Quality Street
TEL: 0131 336 3038

Edinburgh International Health Centre – yellow fever centre
Elphinstone Wing
EH21 8PW
TEL: 0845 375 2545

Adventure and Tourism Travel Clinic - yellow fever centre
Leith Mount Surgery
2 Lindsay Street
Edinburgh EH6 4EG
TEL: 0131 561 1945

The Edinburgh Clinic
40 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5BT
TEL: 0131 447 2340

Stockbridge Blue Practice
1 India Place
Edinburgh EH3 6EH
TEL: 0131 225 9191

Last Reviewed: 27/10/2016