Patient Information

Save a Life

Inverleith Medical Practice supports the NHS Lothian Organ Donation campaign to increase registration locally. Please visit for more information. Organ donor registration leaflets are also available from reception on request.

Patient Confidentiality

All our staff is trained to ensure that any information we hold about you remains confidential.

Protecting Personal Health Information

A new Data Protection Act was introduced in March 2000. It gives you important rights over how personal information about you is used. The NHS Lothian leaflet "Protecting Personal Health Information - A Guide for Patients" is available from reception. The leaflet explains your rights and tells you how Lothian General Practice will use your personal health information.

Code of Conduct

We operate a zero tolerance policy to abusive and threatening behaviour which means immediate removal from the practice list.

Consent to the treatment of children

Children under 16 can give their own consent if the medical practitioner attending the child considers the child capable of understanding the nature and possible consequences of the procedure or treatment. If the child is judged capable, the practitioner must seek the consent of the child rather than of the parent.

Problems or Complaints

If you are unhappy with the service you have received or if you have any problems with the services of the practice, please speak to the Practice Manager, Donna Coppola. There is also a suggestions box in the waiting room area.


Patients are requested to telephone the Surgery for the results of any tests. Please allow 4/5 working days and phone after 2 p.m. if possible.

Last Reviewed: 28/11/2011