Practice Team

Practice Manager:

  • Donna Coppola

Medical Staff:

  • Dr Peter T Stewart
  • Dr Max J Inwood
  • GP Dr Jane MacDonagh (Monday-Friday Mornings)
  • Dr Christopher Stewart (Locum – Alternate Wednesday afternoons)

Practice Nurse Team:

  • Karen Nicoll (Mon All Day/Tue & Wed Mornings) - Asthma/COPD/CHD  
  • Sharron Donaldson (Wed PM/Thurs All Day & Fri All Day) - Diabetes/CHD

District Nurse Team:

  • Richard Hall / Caroline Smith / Helen McElnea / Lindsay McDougal (Based at Eyre Medical Practice)


  • Jacqui Murray

Health Visitors:

  • Jackie Thomson (Friday morning)
    & Orla Carney (Based at Stockbridge Medical Practice)

Health Care Assistant:

  • Lorna Hand (Thursday Afternoon)

Reception Supervisor:

  • Margaret Taylor – Monday to Friday 8am-4pm  

Reception Staff:

  • Bozena Poszmik, Receptionist, Monday to Friday 7.50am-2.50pm
  • Louise Rae, Receptionist/Typist, Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
  • Kirsty Davey, Receptionist/Typist - Monday 12.30pm-6.30pm and Tuesday to Friday 12.00pm-6.00pm
  • Mandy Brooks, Relief Receptionist - Monday to Wednesday 8am-11.30am 


Last Reviewed: 14/04/2016