New Patient & Practice Registration

What to expect from your Doctor: A guide for patients.
(Based on Good Medical Practice)

A new guide for patients setting out what they should expect from their doctor has been published by the General Medical Council (GMC).
The new guide is based on the GMC’s core guidance for doctors - Good medical practice.

It explains the key duties of a doctor and how patients can help to create a good relationship with their doctor and get the most out of their consultations and treatments.

The guide, What to expect from your doctor, sets out:
  • The duties of a doctor to be honest and open if things go wrong and to make patient care their first concern
  • The importance of dignity and respect in the patient-doctor relationship
  •    The standard of conduct, knowledge and skills that patients should receive from their doctor

If you wish to read more then please download the PDF document!

Unfortunately Inverleith Medical Practice are declaring a restricted practice list until further notice.
We will continue to register the following:
·         New babies of existing patients
·         Immediate family  members of existing patients who become resident within the registered patient’s address
·         Temporary Residents
·         Assignments
If you are unsure please contact the reception team and they will advise – 0131 552 3369



Registration is a quick and easy process which involves completing some simple forms. These can be sought from reception Or you can print them off from this page. We are currently registering new patients and have the capacity in our list size to accommodate new residents in the area. The practice does not discriminate on the grounds of: sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, age, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.
In addition to your practice registration, you will be invited to attend for a New Patient Health check. This health check is carried out by the Practice Nurse. However, if you wish to consult a Doctor, please feel free to arrange the appointment with reception staff.
To register with Inverleith Medical Practice, you will require 2 forms of identification:

  • Photographic ID i.e. Passport or Driver’s Licence
  • Proof of Address i.e. Utilities Bill or Bank Statement
Please Note:
If you are newly resident in the UK or you are an Overseas Visitor then additional documentation is required, please contact reception for more information on how to register with the practice.
Child Registration (up to 6 years old) (3) (GP Registration Form / Immunisation Questionnaire / Ethnicity Questionnaire).

Transfer of General Practice Health Records

The following website has been designed to help you understand how your General Practice (GP) health records are transferred when you change GP practice.
If you require any further information please contact: Practitioner Services Dept, Telephone 0131 275 7171.


Change of Details

Please advise the reception staff should you require to change your name, address, telephone number or any other personal information recorded in your case notes. Remember to also inform the hospital if you’re waiting for an appointment or having treatment. If you move house out with the practice area you should register with another GP as soon as you move.

Entitlement to NHS Treatment for Overseas Visitors

The practice recognises that patients who are visitors to the UK may require to have medical treatment while they are here. Unfortunately not all visitors to the UK are entitled to free NHS treatment. This is dependant on certain criteria being fulfilled, such as residency and reason for visiting the UK. Patients will be asked to provide evidence of residency and photographic identification in all cases.

Where a patient is not eligible for free NHS treatment, the practice will provide services, however a fee will be chargeable. All treatment that is considered exempt from charge for everyone, will be provided free of charge by the practice. This includes treatment for an accident or an emergency, treatment of certain communicable diseases (although prescription charges may apply), compulsory mental health treatment, Family Planning and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

Patients who are not eligible for free NHS treatment will be required to pay the full costs. This may include: GP service charge, full prescription charges, test sampling (including laboratory charges) etc. Where it is necessary to refer a patient for secondary care, patients should be aware that charges may apply as the practice will inform the service at the time of referral.

For further information please visit the NHS inform website



Last Reviewed: 09/08/2016