Nutrition Dietetics Services

The Nutrition and Dietetic Department employs Registered Dietitians and provides focused clinical care to clients in a variety of settings both within hospitals and the community in line with health priorities defined by NHS Lothian. Care is provided in a variety of ways from individual one-to-one consultations to running supermarket tours, group education sessions and undertaking health improvement activities in relation to the achievement of National and local health and nutrition targets. The department also provides specialist advice to other professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, on the dietetic needs of patients and contributes to the multi disciplinary approach by undertaking staff training.

How to access services:

  • via direct referrals from health professionals to the locality dietitians
  • from ward staff to Dietitians working in hospitals
  • from other Dietetic services on transfer/discharge
  • through dedicated clinical teams

Community Clinics are held at various sites in each of the localities. We have specialist Dietitians with additional skills to treat clients in Learning Disability Teams throughout Lothian, a Lothian Community Enteral Feeding Team (CENT) contact 0131-537 6053 and a multicultural expert within KUSH DHIL based at Allander House 0131 537 4585.

For more information contact your locality/hospital dietitian on the following numbers

Hospital Dietetic Departments


Telephone Contact

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

0131 537 6539

Corstorphine Hospital

0131 537 6821


0131 537 6821

Ellens Glen

0131 537 6821

Royal Victoria Hospital

0131 537 6821

Findlay House

0131 536 7503

Astley Ainslie Hospital

0131 537 9251

Roodlands Hospital

0131 536 8318

Liberton Hospital

0131 536 7857

Loanhead Hospital

0131 448 0329

Rosslynlee Hospital

0131 536 7633

Community Dietetic Teams – City of Edinburgh



Telephone Contact

North West Edinburgh

Craigroyston Health Clinic, 1b Pennywell Road EH4 4PH

0131 315 2202

North East Edinburgh

Leith Community Treatment Centre, Junction Place, Leith EH6 5JQ

0131 536 6281/2

South West Edinburgh

Sighthill Health Centre, 380 Calder Road, EH11 4AU

0131 537 7132

South Central Edinburgh

Blackford Pavilion, Astley Ainslie Hospital, EH9 2HL

0131 537 9258

South East Edinburgh

Gracemount Medical Centre, 24 Gracemount Drive, EH

0131 672 9530

There are also Community Dietetic Teams in Midlothian and East Lothian, located at:



Telephone Contact


Bonnyrigg Health Centre

0131 537 9884

East Lothian

Roodlands Hospital

0131 536 8318

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011