Community Mental Health Services

If you are having mental health problems, help and support is available. Go to your GP for help in the first instance and s/he may refer you to the Mental Health Team. The Mental Health Teams offer confidential assessment and treatment, and will work with you to meet your needs. The teams also offer support to carers.

Orchard Centre Services

The Orchard Centre offers a range of support to adults with mental health problems living in Midlothian. These include a day and early intervention service providing support, activities, groups, therapies and support from home and a community based support service.

The Orchard Centre
14 Lothian Street
is open:
9.30am - 9.30pm Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri
12.30am - 9.30pm Tuesday
10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

The phone line opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 4pm - 10pm
Saturday / Sunday 10am - 4pm
Phone: 0131 663 5533

Contact 0131 663 1616 or call in to arrange a time to meet with a staff member to register.

As well as day and early intervention services, the Orchard Centre provides a mental health crisis response service. You can phone the Orchard Centre or call in if you have a non-medical crisis. An experienced staff member will listen to you and offer help or advice if needed.

Midlothian Community Hospital provides care for older people with mental heath problems. More information can be found at the: Midlothian Community Hospital minisite

Mental Health Services Newsletters

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011