Midlothian Public Partnership Forum for Health

Established in May 2006, the Midlothian Public Partnership Forum for Health is a network for anyone from Midlothian who is interested in health.

We aim to bring forward concerns, issues, experiences and suggestions on behalf of service-users to the Community Health Partnership in order to improve NHS services.

We also aim to:

  • Help improve information about local health services
  • Consult with communities about how to improve local health services
  • Provide ways for local people to raise issues with the CHP
  • Ensure Midlothian people are involved in planning and decision-making about local health services.

Any local resident and any local organisation can join the Public Partnership Forum for Health. All levels of participation are welcomed and encouraged, from sending in comments on NHS services to greater involvement such as joining the Steering Group.

The Midlothian Public Partnership Forum for Health and its Steering Group can be contacted via:
Catherine Evans, Public Involvement Co-ordinator, 0131 271 3411.

Last Reviewed: 27/01/2014