Carer Support Team

One of the main ways the CHP offers support is through a carer support team that provides information and support to carers living in Edinburgh.

Referrals to the service can be made by carers or professionals who work with them. You can access the service by telephone or email:

Tel: 0131 536 3371

The service can provide information and advice to help carers in their caring role. It also offers short term interventions to help carers to consider their own health and lifestyle needs and to link them to appropriate sources of support.

You can download a leaflet about the service here.

The service offers information on:

  • Your entitlements and rights as a carer
  • Medical conditions and medication
  • How to work with professionals
  • How to access local services for carers
  • Looking after yourself

It also provides support to:

  • Become more confident as a carer
  • Set goals and priorities for your own life
  • Talk about, and reflect on, your situation

We offer support in a way that most suits your needs – for instance, we can provide written or telephone advice or meet you face to face. Most meetings will be held in local carer or health premises, but if necessary, we can visit you at home.

Last Reviewed: 17/11/2011