Rehabilitation Services

In-patient services

The Rehabilitation Service includes in-patient services primarily at the Astley Ainslie Hospital but also has in-patient beds at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (the Robert Fergusson Unit). These beds have a Lothian- wide, regional and national profile and include rehabilitation services for adults with acquired brain injury, stroke, orthopaedic injuries, limb amputation, and progressive neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS).
In addition rehabilitation outpatient services are available for these patients groups with the exception of orthopaedic patients. 

Out-patient / community services

Outpatient/community based programmes provided include chronic pain, cardiac rehabilitation, angina management and specialist Allied Health Professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, dietitians) and clinical psychology.
Referrals to the above services are via a consultant or GP.


The South-East Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology (SMART) Centre is located in Astley Ainslie Hospital and provides a wide range of rehabilitation technology services for the South East of Scotland, covering Lothian, Fife and the Borders. These include mobility and postural services (wheelchairs and special seating), prosthetics, and bioengineering services (artificial limbs and special equipment), a Disabled Living Centre and Gait Analysis Service. We also provide the national Driving Assessment Service.  SMART also provides orthotics services for Lothian residents only.
With the exception of the Disabled Living Centre (DLC) all the SMART services require an initial professional referral from a consultant, GP or Allied Health Professional such as a physiotherapist.  For the DLC individuals can contact the service directly by telephone on 0131 537 9190 or in writing to make an appointment. 
Further information about the SMART Centre can be obtained from:
Hydrotherapy Pool
There is a Hydrotherapy Pool at Astley Ainslie Hospital situated within the Physiotherapy Department in the Scientific Block. This resource is used to provide both in and out-patient rehabilitation. Other NHS services and third sector organisations also access the pool for specific sessions. 
Physiotherapists assess in-patients and refer them for hydrotherapy if this form of treatment is appropriate.  Out-patient referrals are accepted from other physiotherapists who have undertaken appropriate assessments. External groups may be able to access the resource by contacting the Physiotherapy Manager on 0131 537 9160.

Heart Manual Programme

The Heart Manual Programme is based in Astley Ainslie Hospital.  This is a home-based and supported self management cardiac rehabilitation programme which is used throughout the UK and internationally.

Astley Ainslie Hospital Guide

The Astley Ainslie Hospital Guide can be found here:

Contact and information

How to contact us:
For enquiries about the services, please contact us at:
Rehabilitation Service
Astley Ainslie Hospital

133 Grange Loan
Tel No: 0131 537 9204
Specific points of contact:
Assistant General Manager: Sheena Muir
Clinician Lead: Dr Iain Todd
Clinical Nurse Manager: Mike Holligan

Opening Hours

Most out-patient services operate between 9am and 4pm but there may be variations on this depending on the specific service.
Visiting times in the rehabilitation wards are between 2.00pm – 8.00pm but please check with the nursing staff on the specific ward as there is some variation on these times to allow patients to have their meals without interruption (called ‘protected mealtimes’).

Public Transport Links

Astley Ainslie Hospital
There are no direct bus routes to Astley Ainslie Hospital.  The closest bus stops served by Lothian Buses are:
Morningside Road: routes 5, 11, 16, 23
Strathearn Road: route 5
Kilgraston Road: route 41
Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Robert Fergusson Unit)
There are no direct bus routes to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.  The closest bus stops are in Morningside Road: routes 5, 11, 16, 23


Astley Ainslie Hospital
There is parking available in Astley Ainslie Hospital with disabled parking spaces at each of the buildings.  Alternatively there is non-metered parking on the public roads to the south of the site and metered parking available in the public roads just out with the site.
Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Robert Fergusson Unit)
There is parking available in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital with disabled parking spaces at each of the buildings.  Alternatively there is metered parking available in the public roads just out with the site.


All the buildings are wheelchair accessible with ramp access and disabled toilets.  Lifts are available in the buildings which are on more than one floor.
If you require assistance to access a service please contact the specific service.

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