Simple Foot Care

The following short film has been designed to provide information on self management of simple foot care conditions. Advice is provided on simple nail care and a demonstration of nail filing.

Management of Skin Care

This film demonstrates the management of skin care, hard skin/corns, and provides advice regarding correct fitting footwear.

24 hour fitness – 23 ½ hours

(Produced by Dr Mike Evans).
Taking steps to increase our physical activity has many health benefits. Below is a link to a short informative video (lasting five minutes) which explains that by increasing personal physical activity by an additional 10 minutes per day can reap benefits. The video is pictorial and provides suggestions of how we can incorporate additional physical activity into normal daily living.

Management of Heel Pain

This film provides information on the management of heel pain.
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Introduction to Nail Surgery, Slateford Medical Centre

If you have followed the self help information and continue to experience problems please contact your local podiatry clinic.


What is Podiatry?

The Podiatry service provides a high quality, fully comprehensive foot health service for conditions affecting the lower limb. We assess, treat and advise patients with foot health disorders in order to maintain and maximise their quality of life and so encourage a healthy active life with feet that function normally and without discomfort.

When is the Service Open ?

Monday to Thursday 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Friday 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Who Should be Seen?

The Service is available, regardless of age, for those with a podiatric/medical need. All new patients must attend an assessment appointment at one of the clinics listed below.

Patients who are housebound may be treated at home. This means that the patient is unable to leave their home on any regular basis, without the assistance of Healthcare or Social Care personnel using an ambulance or patient transport vehicle. If the patient is able to leave their home on a regular basis to visit the doctor, hairdresser or shops, either alone or with the assistance of a friend or relative, we will expect them to visit their local clinic.

NHS Lothian Podiatry Department - Prospective Patients Application Form

Who Can Refer?

Patients can self refer for a clinic visit by filling out an application form. GPs or other health care professionals can also make referrals if they wish.

Home visit patients must be referred by the GP or District Nurse.

What happens at the first appointment?

A full podiatric assessment will be undertaken. A treatment plan will be negotiated with the patient. The outcome of this could be:

  • Ongoing general footcare programme (at a local clinic if more suitable for the patient)
  • Referral to a speciality - see Speciality Services below.
  • Short course of treatment for acute problems
  • Discharge with advice

Speciality Services


This clinic assesses the lower limb and foot. If appropriate, a supportive insole can be prescribed to correct or limit abnormal foot function. This service is not generally appropriate where arthritic changes have taken place.

Nail surgery

In some cases, painful nails can be partially or completely removed under local analgesia. The nail bed is destroyed using phenol.

Verrucae clinics

This is a term-time service (Sept- March) only available at Inchkeith House with student podiatrists working under supervision.

Diabetic clinics

Diabetic patients who attend our clinics receive an annual foot assessment in line with NHS Lothian Guidelines. Higher risk patients may be seen more often. Low risk patients should not be referred to the service (unless there is podiatric need) but seen within their GP practice.

Appliance laboratory

The Podiatry Department has a fully equipped laboratory for the manufacture of prescription insoles.  Simple footwear modifications are also undertaken.

Contact points for information


Edinburgh Assessment Centres




Gracemount, 24 Gracemount Drive



Inchkeith House (Trust), 137/139 Leith Walk



Inchkeith House (QMUC), 137/139 Leith Walk

Daily (term times only)


Mountcastle, 132 Mountcastle Drive South



Slateford Medical Centre, 27 Gorgie Park Close



South Queensferry H.C. 41 The Loan

Mon, Wed & Fri


Stockbridge Health Centre, 1 India Place



Wester Hailes HLC, 30 Harvesters Way




Other main Edinburgh clinics (those open less than 1 day per week are not listed)




Craigroyston Clinic, 1b Pennywell Road



Tollcross Health Centre, Ponton Street

Tues - Thurs



How to Contact Us

For enquiries about the service, please contact us on:

0131 536 1627



Last Reviewed: 19/09/2017