Voluntary Sector in Edinburgh

The voluntary sector in Edinburgh is made up of approx 1,800 voluntary and community organisations and is a major provider of services, information and facilities for the people of Edinburgh. Organisations working in the fields of Social Welfare (i.e. social care, youth, older people, disability and children & families) deliver a huge range of key services in the city, with additional organisations supporting learning, sports and arts activities.

Voluntary organisations are defined as being non-profit driven, non-statutory and autonomous and include the ‘ regulated voluntary sector ‘ such as voluntary sector charities, housing associations and credit unions, as well as community groups and associations.

The voluntary sector in Edinburgh is a major employer, providing over 5% of Edinburgh’s jobs and is a significant provider of training and work experience.

Information and contact details of many of Edinburgh’s voluntary and community organisations .

To contact the Edinburgh CHP voluntary sector member c/o Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council.

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011