Keep Well in Lothian

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For stories from patients and staff about their Keep Well experiences watch the video below:


<a href="/Community/EdinburghCHP/KeepWellInLothian/PublishingImages/KeepWell.flv">/Community/EdinburghCHP/KeepWellInLothian/PublishingImages/KeepWell.flv"</a>

You can also view a subtitled version of the Keep Well video below and there are alternative video file formats available at the bottom of this page.

<a href="/Community/EdinburghCHP/KeepWellInLothian/PublishingImages/KeepWellSubtitled.flv">/Community/EdinburghCHP/KeepWellInLothian/PublishingImages/KeepWellSubtitled.flv"</a>

Keep Well Edinburgh Videos

TypeNameLast Reviewed
flvKeep Well Edinburgh Subtitled Video01/06/2011
flvKeep Well Edinburgh Video01/06/2011

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