Frequently Asked Questions

What services will be Included in the building?

The building will provide new accommodation for the Wester Hailes Medical Practice and a range of community health services including physiotherapy, dentistry, podiatry, speech & language therapy, paediatrics, mental health, learning disabilities and substance misuse. There will be Council services located in the building too, in particular the Health & Social Care, Children & Families and Criminal Justice social work practice teams.

The Centre will also accommodate the Wester Hailes Health Agency which is now based in Dumbryden along with space for other voluntary sector services.  A small healthy eating café and community facilities will also be included in the building.

Where will the Centre be located?

The site chosen for the Centre is at Harvesters Way, on the other side of the railway line from the shopping centre. This site has lain vacant since high residential flats were demolished in the mid 1990’s.

How will I get to the new Centre?

Most local residents are likely to travel to the building on foot but there will be adequate car parking and we hope eventually a bus route which visits the site.  For those people who live in Clovenstone, Harvesters Square, Dumbeg and Barn Park the Centre will be nearer their homes and will be approached via the Greenway or other pedestrian foot paths. For people who live at the other side of Wester Hailes, the main pedestrian access will be gained through a subway underneath the railway line.

The architects have been given a brief to improve the access between the centre and the Westside Plaza shopping mall which will require the underpass to be shortened and made into an attractive and safe pedestrian link.  The Healthy Living Centre will be situated only about 100 metres from the rear of the shopping centre and so will be easily accessible to its customers.

What impact will the new Centre have on the local area?

The Centre is the vital catalyst for the development of a large derelict site.  The decision to situate the Centre on the Harvesters Way site has encouraged the City of Edinburgh Council to accelerate investment in housing development on the site. It is anticipated that as well as the Healthy Living Centre, the site will eventually accommodate over 100 housing units and attractive amenity space.

The Centre will provide accommodation for almost 300 staff, many of whom will relocate to Wester Hailes from other parts of the city. Many of the staff will inevitably use local facilities whilst they are working in the area and in doing so will contribute to the local economy, by increasing footfall in the local shopping centre.

Lastly the impact of the Healthy Living Centre can best be judged on the benefits it will create in terms of better and more efficient public services that can address local needs.

Last Reviewed: 12/03/2012