Get Involved

Get Involved - Public Partnership Forum (PPFs)

Public Partnership Forums usually involve a range of people, such as members of local community planning structures, community groups or voluntary organisations, and interested individuals.  They are set up and supported by Community Health Partnerships.

Edinburgh CHP has two Public Partnership Forums (PPFs) - North Edinburgh PPF and South Edinburgh PPF.

Public Partnership Forums have three main roles:
  1. To support the Community Health Partnership to inform local people about the range and location of services and information that the Community Health Partnership is responsible for providing.
  2. To involve local people in discussing how to improve health services.
  3. To support wider public involvement in planning and making decisions about health services.
Public Partnership Forums do not deal with individual cases or complaints about services. For information about pursuing individual cases or complaints, contact your local NHS Board or Citizens Advice Bureau.
To find contact details for your local NHS board:
  • look in the phone book under ‘health services’
  • call the NHS helpline on 0800 22 44 88 (text phone 18001 0800 22 44 88), or
  • your local citizens advice bureau (find your nearest bureau on the website at or in your local phone book).


Please note : The Edinburgh PPFs no longer have formal meetings but remain as a network of groups, organisations and individuals until the CHPs come off Statute in April 2015. At this time it is hoped that the Health and Social Care Partnership will have established a process for engagement


Last Reviewed: 29/06/2016