East Lothian CHP Services

A Brief Summary of the Main Services Provided by East Lothian Community Health Partnership (CHP)


Services Provided in East Lothian but not managed by the CHP

Services Provided to other parts of Lothian managed by East Lothian CHP

    Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership

    The development of children’s services, and Child Protection in particular, are very much part of the CHP priorities. Many NHS Children’s Services are provided in East Lothian, but managed directly by Lothian University Hospitals Division (UHD). In addition East Lothian Council is responsible for Children’s Social Work services and Education. We work closely with East Lothian Council, UHD, the Police, voluntary sector and other partners as part of the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership.

    Independent Contractors

    90% of healthcare contacts are delivered in primary care through GPs’ Dentists, Pharmacists and Optometrists. These services, which are “independent contractors” are central to the work of the NHS in East Lothian.

    Working With Partners

    The CHP works in partnership to achieve its goals. In particular we work with patients, staff, carers and the third sector. This achieved through
    • With staff, management and unions meet regularly in the “Partnership Forum” to discuss and agree a wide range of issues that affect staff.
    • With patients, the CHP works with the Health Network and also with patients who are members of interest and planning groups.
    • With Carers , the CHP works directly with Carers of East Lothian and other bodies and various Joint Planning Groups.
      • With the Third Sector, The CHP works directly with STRiVE (The East Lothian Third Sector Interface) and other bodies in the Third Sector.
      • Overall these groups are members of both the CHP sub committee and the Shadow Integration Joint Board.


      Carers of East Lothian www.coel.org.uk

      STRiVE strive.me.uk

      Last Reviewed: 14/11/2015