Public Health

The overarching priority of the East Lothian Plan: Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2023 is to reduce the inequalities across and within East Lothian’s communities. The East Lothian Health Improvement Alliance (ELHIA) brings together representatives from NHS Lothian, East Lothian Council and the voluntary sector to support this priority area. ELHIA promotes evidence based practice and provides support and leadership so that approaches to address health inequalities are integrated into wider strategies and action plans. It ensures close connections with the health promotion service by promoting access to the services it provides.
ELHIA works with community planning to ensure that health improvement and health inequalities are tackled by strategy and policy in the area.  It can also provide training and support for partners to prioritise key actions that address inequalities.

Who can I contact to find out more about the East Lothian Health Improvement Alliance (ELHIA)?

Sue Muir
Chairperson ELHIA
Team Leader Health Promotion Service

ELHIA members are:

Emma Dempsey
Senior Health Promotion Specialist
Sabina McDonald
Senior Health Promotion Specialist
Julia White
Strategy and Policy, East Lothian council
Gayle Bell
Health and Wellbeing Manager. STRiVE
Meriel Deans Public and community engagement coordinator
Steven Wray
Public Health Practitioner East Lothian

Philp Conaglen
Public Health Consultant 






Last Reviewed: 11/06/2015