What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability using physical approaches, thereby promoting health and well-being for all.

What is the role of physiotherapy in East Lothian?

The role is to:

  • Provide skilled, accessible and equitable musculoskeletal and rehabilitation services for the population in a variety of out-patient, domiciliary and hospital settings
  • Provide users with timely, individualised and clinically effective care, including preventative care, screening, assessment, treatment and advice to alleviate pain, maximise function and promote self-management

What kind of problems can physiotherapy help with?

A variety of conditions are treated including orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, continence, general mobility, pain, problems of ageing etc. Staff are multi-skilled with extensive experience and expertise in all common areas of clinical physiotherapy management and continuing professional development is considered a vital part of their practice.

In Mental Health, the purpose of physiotherapy is to rehabilitate patients referred via the Mental Health Services and support them towards recovery via a comprehensive intervention programme that addresses their recognised needs. Interventions can range from all forms of exercise or active bodywork and relaxation to passive treatments with the focus being on self-management and ‘self-knowledge’, in a social context.

Physiotherapists in Learning Disability are experts in the assessment, analysis of movement and function, and they can use a whole range of skills, techniques and concepts. In this specialist role, the Physiotherapist offer advice, help and training on any physical problems, including positioning, gait analysis, wheelchair-use, specialist seating and orthotics (specialist shoes/foot aids) to clients and carers, individually and/or in groups.

Who can access physiotherapy?

All age groups and all clinical conditions are eligible for access to our services. Each case will be assessed in the first instance prior to the development of care plans and ongoing physiotherapy treatment if required.

How can I get physiotherapy?

There is a referral management system in place for out-patient and domiciliary services.

Adults with musculoskeletal (MSK) health issues can self refer themselves for physiotherapy by calling the NHS24 MSK Advice & Triage Service on 0845 604 0001 between 9am & 6 pm Mon-Fri.  You will then be taken through the triage process by NHS24.  Please note this only applies to MSK problems in adults, all other conditions, including in children (under 16 years old) should be dealt with by your GP or Consultant.
Alternatively, access is also available via a direct referral from a GP, Consultant, or other qualified NHS or Social Work healthcare professional.
Separate referral systems are in place for Mental Health and Learning Disability services.

Where can I get physiotherapy?

Clinical physiotherapy services are delivered across East Lothian in the following sites:

  • Out-Patients

    Dunbar Medical Centre
    North Berwick Health Centre
    Prestonpans Health Centre

  • Domiciliary

    The Domiciliary Physiotherapy Team is based in Roodlands Hospital and provides a home visiting service for the whole of East Lothian

  • Mental Health

    Physiotherapy is one of the professions in the multi-disciplinary Community Mental Health Team based in Herdmanflat Hospital. Services are provided on a number of sites in East Lothian.

  • Learning Disability

    Physiotherapy is one of the professions in the multi-disciplinary Community Adult  Learning Disability Team, based in Herdmanflat Hospital.  Services are provided on a number of sites in East Lothian.

Last Reviewed: 07/10/2014