East Lothian Health Network, the Public Partnership Forum in East Lothian

These webpages will no longer be updated as East Lothian Health Network is no longer meeting.
For information on how to get involved in integrating health and social care in East Lothian click on the following website link:

“ Being involved helps me find out how reforms to health services are being conducted and gives me a chance to comment and influence them”

Stuart, East Lothian resident and network member.


What is East Lothian Health Network?

It is a network for anyone interested in health services who lives or works in East Lothian. In Scotland these networks are often called Public Partnership Forums. Any local person or organisation is welcome to join

What does it do?

  • Helps improve information about local health services
  • Consults with local people on how to improve health services
  • Provides ways for local people to raise issues about health services
  • Ensure local people are involved in planning and decision making about local health services
Look at our How to Join page to see how you can get involved in the Health Network or download our leaflet here (currently being updated).
The Health Network can be contacted via: Meriel Deans, Public & Community Involvement Co-ordinator
on 0131 446 4822 or email meriel.deans@nhs.net


Last Reviewed: 16/07/2015